Hello and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Matt Malis, and I’m an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University. I was previously Postdoctoral Fellow at the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs for the 2022-2023 academic year, and I received my Ph.D. from New York University’s Department of Politics in May 2022.

My research examines how the delegation of authority within government shapes the conduct of diplomacy. Ongoing projects focus on the strategic use of face-to-face diplomatic visits; the informational role of presidential advisors in crisis bargaining; and the consequences of U.S. ambassadorial vacancies.

My work has been published at International Organization, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Theoretical Politics, and multiple edited volumes. Here is my google scholar page. You can check out my ongoing and published research projects here, as well as some datasets I’ve constructed on US diplomacy here. Teaching materials and evaluations are available here.

I’m a Research Fellow with fp21, and a project leader of the Measuring American Diplomacy Project.

Please feel free to contact me at: malis [at] nyu [dot] edu